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Cooking delicious meals starts with having quality cookware. Investing in durable, high-performing pots and pans allows home chefs to achieve consistent results and expand their culinary skills. The Calphalon 13-Piece Tri-Ply Stainless Steel set provides an essential cookware collection for novice cooks and seasoned chefs alike.

Unbeatable Heat Control and Conduction

The tri-ply construction is what makes this Calphalon set stand out. Each piece features an aluminum core layered between stainless steel on the interior and exterior. This tri-ply design provides unbeatable heat control and conduction.

Even Heating from Edge to Edge

The aluminum core quickly and evenly distributes heat across the bottom and up the sides of each pot and pan. There are no hot or cold spots, so food cooks perfectly edge to edge. Soups, sauces, and braised meats simmer evenly without scorching. Searing meats develops a beautiful brown crust without burning. And pancakes and eggs cook evenly for consistent results every time.

Stay-Cool Handles Prevent Burns

Nothing ruins a meal like grabbing a hot handle and burning your hand. Calphalon designed extra long handles that stay cool on the stovetop. The brushed stainless steel handles let you confidently maneuver hot cookware around the kitchen. No more potholders or towels required. The handles also have a gentle contour for a secure, comfortable grip.

Here is a first person story reviewing the product based on the customer review:

Calphalon's 13-Piece Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Set

My Cooking Journey with the Calphalon’s 13-Piece Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Pots and Pans

I had recently moved into my own apartment and was eager to start cooking more often. As a beginner cook, I was using cheap non-stick pans that worked fine but I wanted to upgrade my cookware. After doing some research online, I decided to purchase the 11-piece Calphalon stainless steel cookware set.

When the box arrived I eagerly unpacked each piece, admiring the shiny silver finish. The pots and pans felt solid and durable in my hands. I was ready to cook!

That first meal using the new cookware was a learning experience. The stainless steel performed differently than my old non-stick pans. I ended up with some stuck on bits of food because I didn’t let the pan preheat properly first. But after cooking a few more meals, I got the hang of preheating and using oils to prevent sticking.

While stainless steel required a bit more effort to clean, I found that using Bar Keepers Friend cleaner and some elbow grease did the trick to keep the pans looking shiny and new. The pans cooked so evenly and felt so nice to use that the extra cleaning was worth it.

Over the next few months, I was cooking more elaborate meals than ever before. The sauté pan was perfect for cooking meats with nice fond development. And the 6qt stock pot handled boiling pasta and making big batches of soup with ease. I was really able to take my cooking to the next level.

While not the most affordable cookware, this Calphalon set was worth the investment for me as cookware newcomer. The even heating and durability has helped build my confidence in the kitchen. I can’t wait to continue creating and learning with my new pots and pans.

Built to Withstand a Lifetime of Use

While affordable cookware sets may work fine at first, they quickly degrade with daily use. The Calphalon Premier line is engineered for a lifetime of cooking.

Durable Stainless Steel Construction

The triple-layered stainless steel construction gives this cookware unmatched durability. The exterior polished surface hides minor scratches and is easy to clean. It won’t react with foods or alter flavors like cheaper aluminum or non-stick cookware. Each solidly constructed piece has substantial heft to it, indicating quality materials and construction. This cookware will maintain its performance and look for many years of cooking.

Brushed Interior for Slip-Free Cooking

While stainless steel has poor non-stick properties, the gently brushed finish on the interior helps prevent sticking. Food releases easily after searing or browning. Deglazing the pan whisks away any residue. And for acidic foods like tomatoes, a little oil prevents sticking. The brushed finish also hides small scratches from metal utensils.

Oven and Dishwasher Safe

While hand washing is recommended, busy cooks will appreciate that the set is dishwasher safe. The tri-ply construction resists warping that can occur in inferior cookware. The stainless steel and tight-fitting glass lids are oven safe up to 450°F. The pans easily go from stovetop to oven for braising, baking, and roasting.

Versatile Collection for Every Cooking Task

This 13-piece set provides essential pieces for cooking anything from weekday dinners to sophisticated dinner parties. The pans offer ample cooking surfaces while the pots have tall sides and snug-fitting lids to seal in heat and moisture.

10″ and 12″ Fry Pans

The 10-inch fry pan provides ample space for cooking omelets, pancakes, burgers and more for small families. For larger families or cooking bigger batches, step up to the 12-inch pan. Both offer flared sides that make tossing foods effortless. Fry up meats, vegetables, or scrambled eggs without making a mess.

1.5-Quart and 2.5-Quart Sauce Pans

The sauce pans feature tall, straight sides optimized for whisking sauces, cooking grains or cereals, blanching vegetables and reheating leftovers. Their tapered rims make pouring liquids easy while trapped steam vents through the glass lid. The 1.5-quart pan serves 1-2 people while the 2.5-quart accommodates larger batches.

3-Quart Sauté Pan and 6-Quart Stock Pot

The lidded sauté pan browns meats then lets you simmer sauces or braise meats efficiently. The broader shape also cooks stir fries easily. The sizeable 6-quart pot handles big batch cooking like soups, stocks, and pasta. The aluminum core spreads heat for rapid boiling while the lid seals in heat and moisture.

Steamer Insert for Healthy Cooking

The handy steamer insert transforms the stockpot into a steamer for cooking healthy grains or vegetables. It folds down for compact storage. Steaming preserves nutrients that boiling water can leach out.

With its tri-ply construction, versatile pans, and durable build, the Calphalon Premier 13-piece stainless steel set delivers incredible performance and value. This professional-quality cookware allows home cooks to effortlessly prepare any dish while developing their culinary skills. Each piece transitions seamlessly from stovetop to oven for complete cooking capability. Built to withstand a lifetime of daily use, this set will become the workhorse of your kitchen for years to come.

Here is my enthusiastic and detailed opinion on the Calphalon 13-Piece Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Cookware Set:

My Thoughts on the Calphalon 13-Piece Tri-Ply Set

As a home cook and kitchen gear enthusiast, I was eager to test out the Calphalon Premier 13-piece tri-ply stainless steel cookware set. I love upgrading my cookware to improve performance and was curious to see if this set lived up to its promises. After cooking extensively with the set for the past few months, I’m happy to share my detailed thoughts.

Unbeatable Heat Control

The tri-ply construction with an aluminum core is exceptional at conducting and distributing heat evenly. Soups and sauces come to a gentle simmer without hot spots. Meats brown and sear perfectly without burning. The heat control is vastly better than my older multi-ply set. I can cook with more confidence knowing temperatures will remain steady.

Cool, Comfortable Handles

I absolutely love the handles on this set! They are a nice length and width to grip comfortably. The brushed stainless steel stays cool enough to grab barehanded while cooking. The gentle contour fits my hand securely without digging in. I’m able to easily maneuver pans around without potholders.

Matching Lids Seal in Heat

The tight-fitting lids are a pleasure to use. They seal in moisture and heat incredibly well when simmering or braising foods. The tapered glass lids have handy steam vents so I can monitor cooking progress. And I appreciate that the lid sizes match the pans and pots perfectly.

Built Like a Tank

This cookware feels substantially heavyweight and durable in my hands. The tri-ply metal layers are thick and robust. After daily cooking, the pots polish up nicely and look like new. It’s built to withstand decades of use.

No Warping or Discoloration

Many cheaper sets can warp or stain over time. But after subjecting these pieces to high stove temperatures, the oven, and the dishwasher, there are zero signs of warping or discoloration inside. The exterior hides minor scratches well. This level of quality and performance is fantastic.

Non-Stick Performance

While not touted as non-stick, the brushed interior releases food nicely when used properly. I add a bit of oil for acidic foods, preheat pans, then food releases cleanly after searing or browning. A quick deglaze or scrub removes any residue. It’s not as slick as ceramic non-stick but works great.

Worth the Investment

While this 13-piece set is an investment, the quality, performance, and durability justify the price in my opinion. The tri-ply core provides unbeatable heat control for precise cooking. It’s sturdily built from quality stainless steel to maintain its beauty and function for many years. And the pans offer ample space and versatility to cook amazing meals. This is hands-down the best cookware set I’ve owned.

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